Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED
Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED
Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED
Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED
Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED
Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED

Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED


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Retro Cycling Outfit TI-Raleigh - REDTED

This beautiful cycling outfit is a RedTed replica of the outfit of the Dutch professional cycling team TI-Raleigh from the period 1974-1983. TI-Raleigh is a Dutch cycling team that was active in professional cycling from 1974 to 1983. The team was led by former cyclist Peter Post. The main sponsor was bicycle manufacturer Raleigh. Under the strict regime of Peter Post, the team grew into an almost unbeatable cycling team. Famous riders who rode for this team included Jan Raas, Gerrie Knetemann, Johan van der Velde, Jacques Hanegraaf, Joop Zoetemelk, and Dietrich Thurau. 
The Raleigh team achieved an impressive 905 victories. German rider Dietrich Thurau (1975-1977) was responsible for 52 victories, a great achievement since he only spent two years with Raleigh. The highest number of victories was won by Jan Raas (1975-1976, 1978-1983) with no less than 130 victories in the TI-Raleigh cycling jersey. Gerrie Knetemann (1976-1983) won 108 times in the TI-Raleigh jersey. At the end of 1983 the Raleigh team's victory streak came to an end. The sponsor Raleigh stopped.


RedTed Performance Cycling Jerseys
The RedTed cycling jersey has an aerodynamic cut (so it's a bit tighter), a high quality YKK zip, a wide elastic band at the end of the slightly longer sleeves, a silicone band at the bottom with an extra wide elastic band at the front, and a long front zip (also available in short). A performance jersey for a great price. 
RedTed Performance Cycling Shorts
The RedTed Performance cycling shorts have a perfect fit and are very comfortable. The shorts are made of different layers. The first layer is a comfortable and breathable fabric (Lycra) that can be worn directly on the skin. The chamois of RedTed Performance is widened so that irritation in the groin area is less likely. The second layer is an elastic shock absorbing silicone pad with laser perforation and gutters for sweat dispersion. The third layer is, again, a breathable fabric. The shorts are extremely comfortable and have good freedom of movement. At the end of the shorts is a wide elastic band, which is equipped with silicone grip. Thanks to this and the suspender straps, the bib shorts stay perfectly in place.

Please note! Size is smaller and has an aerodynamic cut (fitted). Choose one size bigger than your standard clothing size. View size chart for measurements.
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Jan Raas in 1982 at TI-Raleigh